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FC Sounders vs. Barcelona FC

2009 - August 6, Thursday

The 2009 European UEFA Championship champion has paid a visit to Seattle to play against the local team.

I wasn’t able to get a representative picture of the traffic before the game. This is the only picture that I have.
Traffic to Qwest Field

The North Gate view of the Qwest Field where the game was played.
Qwest Field

Qwest Field

Here’s the lineup through the North Gate. I had a aluminum canteen full of water which I had to throw away. =(

This is the view of the “tower” – of which name I just made up – after passing the ticketing turnstile.
Inside Qwest Field

Here’s the view of people coming through the turnstile.
People in Qwest Field

This is a shot taken while trying to figure out which stairs to take to get to our seats.
The Field

We were sitting near the edge of the stadium perimeters; these were cheap corporate seats.
Pre-game Picture Time

Here the players from both sides enter.
Players Enter

I just wanted to take a shot at the North side panel.

The 2nd half was a game of the substitutes; all the lineup players were on the bench. It was a bit boring.

It was so boring such that the crowd started the human wave.

Here’s a shot taken on our way out of the stadium shortly after the game. The night view of Seattle is beautiful as much as the day view.
Post-game @ the Stairs

After getting out of the stadium perimeters, we went for a quick drink at a bar called Fado.
Post Game Drinks @ Fado

@ Fado

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