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What? Paper? Press Machines?

2009 - August 1, Saturday

The phenomenon of new mediums taking over the old ones takes place all the time around us. For example, I’ve recently replaced a G router with an N router at my parents home.

Interestingly, the replaced ones tend to coexist with the replacements. Look at home phones, for example. Cell phones are prevalent; but, home phones exist. Home phones or land line phones do exactly what the cell phone does: They let people remotely vocally communicate to one another. One easily distinguishable difference is mobility: Land line phones require a land line of which location is static and that restricts mobility. Why have both? We do without reason.

Is this the same for papers in the publishing business? Does it make sense to invest in new press machines when digital media is ever so accessible? Perhaps it does. Mortimer Zuckerman has purchased new press machines – that will be used in his New York tabloid business the Daily News – from the money that he gained from the sale of shares of his real-estate investment trust. His actions bring up the question: Will paper ever go away? Delivering content on a medium that has environmental as well as monetary implications does not seem wise in terms of a cost perspective; however, I see the value of using such medium over the popular digital one.

When I have something physical in my hand, I have quick accessibility although I do not feel any sense of mobile convenience since it is a burden to my already overwhelmed load which is alleviated by my iPhone that acts as both a media player, and a phone. The argument on quick accessibility might be weak; however, the sensual touch of the rough edges and the experience of reading from a paper are greater when I have something physical in my hand.

[ Reference News Article: Zuckerman Sells Shares to Invest in Daily News ]

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