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New 24MM: DSC-WX1/TX1

2009 - August 10, Monday

Perhaps the DSC-WX1/TX1 is the camera that has more features than the Leica DLUX3, the Lumix LX4, or any point-and-shoot camera with a 24mm wide angle lens.

I’ve been in the market for a point-and-shoot camera with a 24mm wide angle lens for a few months. The LX4 has been in “back order” status since Feburary and the DLUX3 seems over priced for the features equivalent to the relatively cheap priced LX4. The advent of the DSC-WX1/TX1 might be the product that the wide angle PAS market has been waiting for.

Other than the 24mm wide angle lens, the product has some cool features such as auto HDR photo synthesis and swipe panorama picture. Take a look at the ad.

The camera review site dpreview.com has a page for the WX1 and TX1.

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