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Korean Entertainment Business Risk Mitigation: Too Many Korean Male Idol Groups

2009 - August 1, Saturday

While I was relaxing at my parents place where I can watch Korean cable TV channels, I stumbled upon a music TV chart show. I watched it for about 20 minutes and realized that there are so many male idol groups. All I know is Big Bang and Dong Bang Shin Gi; perhaps, I’m too old to know all of them. All of them were similar to one another and I wondered how they acquire fans.

According to an article regarding Korean and Japanese entertainment businesses, it’s less “risky” to invest on a group than on a single singer. The article did not discuss the details; howeve, my thought is that it’s similar to investment portfolio diversification. One of the idol members is bound to be popular and can become a star in entertainment areas other than music.

Here are a few that I was able to remember.

Let’s start with those I know.

Big Bang [YG Entertainment]:

Dong Bang Shin Gi [SM Entertainment]:

2PM [JYP Entertainment]:

2AM [JYP Entertainment]:

Super Junior [SM Entertainment]:

Shinee [SM Entertainment]:


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