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DSC-WX1, A Disappointment

2009 - October 9, Friday

It’s a disappointment: Whatever said in the product ads do not match up to the actual product. When I was ordering the DSC-WX1, I was hoping that the DSC-WX1 was a match against the Lumix LX3.

When I went on to scrutinize the quality of the pictures taken with the DSC-WX1, my heart sank. There were more noise than I expected even for a point and shoot camera of the size of WX1 under nominal conditions: Bright day light at ISO400, WB AUTO. LX3’s sensor area(1/1.63) is about 30% bigger than the WX1’s(1/2.4″). WX1’s new Exmor R sensor did not defy physics at all which it should have based on its advertisement.

WX1 is going back to the shop. Fortunately, I was able to fetch the LX3 at $429 including tax, and shipping and handling at Amazon.com: There was only one in stock at the time I browsed the product details page. I shouldn’t have expected too much from a company not known to produce good cameras.

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