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Amazon Kindle TV Commercial: Uhh…what?

2009 - November 10, Tuesday

Today while watching CNBC, I saw the Amazon Kindle commercial for the first time. I was surprised that Amazon was advertising the Kindle on TV because I remember Jeff Bezos saying something along the lines of advertising is a proof that you have a poor product. Despite my surprise, I was glad the Kindle is being advertised on TV. Frankly, I think the Kindle is a superior product over any other E-Book readers in the current market including the Barnes and Nobble’s Nook which is scheduled to be on sale in November this year. I’m not going to discuss too much about the features here.

If I did not know what the Kindle looked like, I would have ignored the commercial. In the first 2 seconds, I saw the Kindle and a woman getting a grip of the Kindle. The scene transitions from the woman reading on the Kindle to the woman slipping into her imagination in which is assumed to be linked to what she is reading. While writing this and running errands, I saw two commercials in the last 20 minutes; the first one I saw was about 2 hours ago.

I did not really get the commercial until my 3rd time watching it. Perhaps, people are not suppose to get it on the first watch. That explains two showings in the last 20 minutes. The commercial has an implicit message other than the explicit message at the end “Books in 60 seconds”: The Kindle is portable, and reading will let you experience various roles that you would otherwise not be in. Regardless of the implicit message, the commercial made a strong impression on me when I first watched it. I felt as if I could really enjoy reading or have a *fluffy* time reading a book on the Kindle. Interestingly, I actually felt like going on Amazon.com and getting a Kindle for myself. And … I’m actually thinking about it … hmm …

Here’s a convenient link for you if you’re thinking of buying one.

(FYI, there is a technique called implicit assessment technique in advertising.)

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