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USD, the comeback story and Japan

2011 - May 10, Tuesday

So it's been a great year so far for the commodities of which prices have been going up strengthened by the weakening USD. Now USD is ready to make a come back with a bang. It's time to load up once again and enjoy USDA prime beef trading the USD recovery store.

Oil vs Market: Clearly Established Negative Correlation

2011 - March 2, Wednesday

At the beginning of the year, we've passed a point in the oil price that people think would deter demand.

Trading Ideas: IP

2011 - February 24, Thursday

While going through myriads of charts of companies that I regularly monitor, I found International Paper (NYSE:IP). The prices have been tested at least twice - depending on how you interpret it, it could have been 3 times - at the 27 level. Once we see bids going higher above the 50 MA at around the 28 level and if prices stay there, that's the time to get in.

Take a look: SPLS, ORLY

2011 - February 23, Wednesday

While going through some charts, I've found some nice setups in SPLS and ORLY. The setup I'm talking about today has two basic criteria: One is the price being near a major average, and the other is the oversold signal. I would monitor the two for now. I would only try when I see some buyers coming in and buying at higher bids.

Trading Ideas: MGM, TSO, UNIS, WPRT

2011 - January 27, Thursday

DOW hit 12,000 and made a short turn around to around yesterday's high. There's no indication of the market making a turn around and we don't know whether the market will continue to go up. We can only *try*. Here are some good setups for the longs.

T2108 vs. SP500: Anticipating Drops

2011 - January 3, Monday

We're looking at T2108, a percetage graph representing the percentage of stocks above their 40 day simple moving average. Don't take my word for it but I learned from somewhere that 40 day simple moving average is the de facto average for mutual funds.

Rotate into Groceries!! KR

2010 - December 14, Tuesday

There's a clear support line at the 21.50ish level. So that's going to be my stop. If I'm wrong, I get out with a loss at 21.50. There are three scenarios that I expect to happen.

Here’s How You Decide: MDT

2010 - October 10, Sunday

Ok. Here's the deal. MDT: Medtronics. I'm anticipating a volatility squeeze on MDT's price action. Some technicals are aligning very well.