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Earth Day at Union Slough

2011 - June 4, Saturday

Today was one of those days in which we give to the community and, apparently, was the UN World Enviornment Day. A group of us went to participate in the Union Slough Saltmarsh and Habitat Restoration Project. The project is to improve the wildlife habitat at the saltmarsh restoration site in the Snohomish River delta. Today's goal was to weed out blackberry vines.

Weekend Trip to Port Moody, BC, Canada

2009 - November 9, Monday

Over the weekend, I've made a weekend trip to Vancounver, Canada to meet my parents who recently moved from Toronto, Canada. They decided to get a place in Port Moody near the waters.

DSC-WX1, A Disappointment

2009 - October 9, Friday

It's a disappointment: Whatever said in the product ads do not match up to the actual product. When I was ordering the DSC-WX1, I was hoping that the DSC-WX1 was a match against the Lumix LX3.