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Why I think the market is going lower before going higher.

2010 - July 15, Thursday

While SPY has been hitting resistance at around 110 with the doji which indicates indecision whether to go up or down, the TMF has been rallying. What this tells me is that there is conceivable risk still lingering in the markets or in the majority of investors' minds. Also, the equity market has shown tremendous strengh in the last 7 days or so: We've come up way to fast.

1-Week Trade: Short HRL!

2010 - July 14, Wednesday

The risk-reward ratio here is 0.18(=0.16/0.85); the reward-risk ratio is 5.31. It means that I have the potential to make $5.31 for risking a dollar. Mouth watering ratio. mmmm ....

TTWO; Ascending Triangle Pattern; Carl Icahn

2010 - March 29, Monday

What does Take Two Interactive do? Have you heard of Grand Theft Auto or Bioshock? Yeah, they make them. Ever since the big drop in January, TTWO has been in my watch list. I wasn't sure when it was a good time to go in because I couldn't define any risk or see any type of pattern until two weeks ago. Incidentally, I realized that this is a ascending triangle pattern, a bullish continuation pattern.

Discount Rate Hike Might Not Affect Markets Too Much

2010 - February 19, Friday

I've been thinking. Is it that bad for the discount rate to increase? The FED is simply starting to slightly control or, specifically, reduce the money supply. But the money are still in the banks: Banks haven't increased their lending. This is why we don't have inflation. As long as the money is not spent or as long as the velocity of money stagnates, we're not going to have inflation. There's an equation Money_Supply + Velocity = Price_Change + Output_Change. Do you see what the FED is starting to do? Mon...

The Iron Ore Theory (Diamler,Yuan,Dry Bulk Shipping)

2010 - February 18, Thursday

Here's an interesting theory that I have. The upcoming Diamer AG's earnings report got me thinking about Chinese Yuan, metal, and dry bulk shipping. Last year, Diamer reported strong growth in the Chiense market. First of all we have the following information.

What a bounce? NYSE vs. VIX

2010 - February 11, Thursday

Do you see the relationship between the VIX and the NYSE? Yeah, it's one of those things that Beyonce does well. BOUNCE BOUNCE!!! Uh oh oh Uh oh oh!!! This is one indicator that hints that this may be a bounce and as such, there is some potentially fruitful upside ahead of us. Also, check out the weekly charts of the stocks that you are interested in to decide whether to go in. I have demonstrated this in my previous posting titled "Should you buy? When do you buy? What to look for?".

Should you buy? When do you buy? What to look for?

2010 - February 10, Wednesday

This market seems totally random due to the pop up show from the US government and the systematic risk introduced by the EU nations, especially, those known by the acronym PIIGS. Looking at the market action for the past two weeks, random walk theory seems to make sense. But have you zoomed out and took a longer term view? Money managers on popular business media such as CNBC have come out and expressed concerns of a bigger correction: The S&P, for example, has only come down 7% or so and we need at least 1...

FormFactor, Inc (NASDAQ:FORM): Bounce Bboing!

2010 - January 28, Thursday

FORM is something that was on my watch list for more than a month. I was hoping that it would come down to the 50MA in the mid 19s. My wish had come true on the day it announced its preliminary 2009Q4 earnings on the 12th of January. Since then, the stock has been on a downhill until today. Today's move nullified the last three down days.